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Debris Removal

After the eviction is complete and everything is out of the property and outside, the former tenant typically has two days to get their belongings. When that time has passed, we come back and clean up whatever was left at the property. We load up all trash and debris and haul it off to the dump. Any items that may be useful to someone else, such as furniture or clothing, may be donated to a shelter or charity. Items left by the former tenant can be an eyesore for the neighborhood and we work to clean up the property as soon as possible and restore it to rental condition!
Unit Sales Cleans

We offer the ability to completely turn a property and get it ready to sell or re-rent. Our maid service will deep clean the property and have it ready to show in no time. The maid service can be utilized at the time of the eviction or upon the return to the property to remove debris. The maid service is very thorough and includes cleaning refrigerators, stoves, ovens, kitchens, bathrooms, base boards, ceiling fans, windows, floors, and everything else on the property.  

Lock Change

While the eviction is taking place, we can change the locks on the unit. We check all windows to insure the property is secure. If needed, a lockbox can be added to allow contractors or future tenants access to the property. Some cities require a locksmith to enter the property at the beginning of the eviction process; however, our company can usually change the locks for far cheaper than a locksmith and still provide our clients with the peace of mind that their property is secure.

And More!

We also offer complete property maintenance for rehab and repairs of damages done by tenants. We manage real estate for others and services range from selecting tenants and collecting rents to lawn maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Land lording can be a very tough business and if you are ready to sell, we buy houses! We have a full-service realty company in the state of Kentucky. We can market a property for retail or offer other options to purchase property depending on the circumstances. 

Lawn Care

It is fairly common for former tenants to have not maintained the lawn and the grass may be overgrown. We offer full lawn care services including cutting, trimming, and blowing grass off sidewalks and driveways. In addition, we can take care of trimming bushes and trees, mulching flowerbeds, and any other landscaping needs in order to give the property curb appeal for future tenants or property buyers.

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